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Here are what some of our customers have said about our services.

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Mike Bryant Enterprise Rent-A-Car
" Cut-N-Edge has been taking care of the landscaping and lawn service at my Enterprise office for some time.  As the demands of my job increase the amount of time that I have for trivial issues such as the lawn diminishes, however the great crew at Cut-N-Edge relieves any worries that I may have. From timeliness of service to the accuracy of billing, I have complete faith in the quality of service that I receive from Deepak, Avi and team. "

Louise M. Barber, CMCA-VP Womble & Associates, INC
" We have been in the property management business since 1975, as a result we have dealt with many different landscaping contractors during the past 25 years, some good, some not so good.  We have been very fortunate the past two years when we contracted with Cut-N-Edge Lawn Services, INC. to take over multiple properties, with some severe and neglected lawn care.
  Within three months of Cut-N-Edge taking over these properties you could see the changes.  The quality of service and the dedication of the office staff, supervisors, on site management has continued to be excellent. As a property manager of over 12 properties it is refreshing to know that I can count on Cut-N-Edge and and know that the properties will be held in such high standards as all residents and homeowners expect. I would recommend Cut-N-Edge Lawn Services, Inc. to anyone in the property management business or even a single family dwelling; knowing that they would be in capable hands.

Stanley Thomas
Sugar Land, TX
" have been a customer of the "large" lawn service company out here in Sugar Land since we built our house back in 1998.  My wife and I were satisfied with this company and kept their services for awhile.  I would still be using this company if I hadn't talked to my son's little league coach who wouldn't stop bragging about how happy he and his wife were about their lawn service company.  He told me about Cut-N-Edge and how they put in the nicest fall and spring color and had kept the most reliable schedule on the block.  I convinced my wife, which wasn't hard, that we should give Cut-N-Edge a chance and if we weren't satisfied we could switch back to the other company. Well, not only did they meet our  expectations, they  exceeded them.  They are consistent and reliable and you always talk to a knowledgeable and friendly voice at their office. It feels good to finally be more than satisfied with our lawn service and beautiful yard. "

Howard Kasler
Bellaire, TX
" As a homeowner, and a regular user of several upkeep services from plumbing to lawn service to pet grooming, I have yet to experience a company that demonstrates as much commitment to good customer service and quality work as Cut-N-Edge Lawn Services has. "

Marci Kelly
Houston, TX
" Thank you for coming over and taking the time to review my property before the initial service.  My lawn looks a hundred times better than it did before your company took over. I can actually enjoy my lawn. The bushes and the edging look perfect.  The lawn simply looks like it has been manicured. "

Randi C. Newsome
Sugar Land, TX
" I moved into the Sugar Land area in 1989, since then I have had several landscaping companies service my property.  The services and commitment  have varied from one company to another.  It seemed as though most companies would do a great job for the first month and then it would drop off.  I would consistently have to call and get little things done.  However since I have hired the services of Cut-N-Edge back in 1999, I have only had to call them and complement them on their quality services and also to refer my neighbors .  They are the  only company that has showed up consistently on the same day of the week and provided the same  quality of work week in and week out. "